“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu

Shana helps people see expanded possibilities for themselves, their lives, and careers. Her deep appreciation for life’s transitions reveals the depth of which she has explored her own path as a mother, successful entrepreneur and executive coach.

A native of the UK with over 15 years’ experience in the corporate world of IT and consulting through IBM worldwide, Shana moved to Dubai in 2008-2019 and certified as an Executive Career Coach after having completed more than 2000 hours of instruction and practice designed to establish expertise in a variety of areas related to personal and executive coaching. These include such diverse topics as self-acceptance; living a passionate, fulfilled life; creating inner peace; the ability to influence others; assertiveness training; conflict resolution; relationship dynamics; the power of forgiveness; and skills to build intimate, loving relationships.

Shana is not a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. Her training has been as a coach and mediator. The primary difference in her training and approach from these other professions is that that her focus is the achievement of goals, the present and the future rather than the past. Her intention is to help you create the life you want by understanding your life now as opposed to focusing primarily on your past.

Drawn to connect with people, Shana expanded her career into teaching and began delivering workshops to pursue methods of impacting people, before integrating all of her experience and skills to Shana Kad Coaching Ltd, an online Executive Coaching practice, based in the UK.

Shana has guided many people to see the world of possibilities for a better life by seeing every individual’s potential, beauty, and magnificence — and translating those qualities into a more fulfilling life and career.

Testimonial :

"I would definitely recommend Shana's Personal Breakthrough Journey to anyone - no matter how settled you think you are. Guaranteed it will help release you from negative thoughts that you weigh yourself down with, and beat yourself up with, and you will emerge with the feeling that you know yourself - and the people around you - much better. Not only that, but you will know what it is that you truly want out of life, and how you can go about getting it."  

Louisa Wilkins, Senior Features Writer, Aquarius

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Self-awareness in action is the key to living a fulfilling life.

Until you discover what you really want, what your innate strengths are and what limiting beliefs are holding you back, you're going to stay stuck chasing what others told you to want and remain on a loop of frustration, stress, anxiety and self-doubt.

Most people will continue on their default path and never stop to question the truth. The life you are living now is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and what you believe is your self-worth. Your decisions are dictated by your subconscious beliefs, whether that is a career decision, relationship, money or health decision. It all comes down to how you see yourself and what you are allowed to enjoy.

It's my mission to free you from beliefs and ideas that do not support your life goals. I help you take back control of your thoughts and behaviours so you break free from self sabotage and create from a place that allows you to live to your full potential. Allowing you to create the wealth, enjoy fulfilling relationships and become an inspiration to others.

One and only one reason why the Executive coaching market has exploded is because CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, and other leaders have realised how effective it is. It was once seen of as a way to deal with performance difficulties, but today it is acknowledged as a potent leadership resource and talent development tool. Most successful leaders throughout the world have a coach at their side.

What you will gain from the Executive Career Breakthrough Coaching :

  • What it is that you want to achieve and why 
  • Take out the guesswork of what makes you 'tick' and create an environment that you will thrive in 
  • Understanding and creating more of what motivates you and gives you value
  • Learn to let go of stress and anxiety by learning techniques that work in minutes
  • Confident and clearer decision making
  • Enhanced Communication skills so you are heard and understood
  • Improved confidence to go after what you want because you can develop belief system that supports you
  • Get excited and see a way out to a more successful and fulfilling career 
  • Create and enjoy the wealth and abundance that you so richly deserve
These are just a few of the benefits that come as part of the "Executive Career Breakthrough Coaching".

You will start your journey on your complimentary call to achieve a level of self-awareness and discovery that are the core to achieving peak performance. Your time is now.

So, pick a time 👉, and get excited to chat soon.   Free Executive Career Breakthrough Call
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Ask yourself:

  • Are you struggling with anxiety and stress
  • Are you dissatisfied with the direction you are currently taking in your career
  • Is your self-confidence waning and leaving you feeling mentally exhausted
  • Are you feeling stressed and struggling to be in happy or find anything to be excited about
  • Would you like to change or develop your career?
  • Do you need a sounding board, someone who will listen and teach you the tools to get you back in drivers seat of your own life
  • Do you feel like you sabotage anything good in your life?
  • Would you like to back in charge of your life and direction to create more of what you want?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, and you want to do something about it, then we can help you. We offer a complimentary 30 min Executive Career Breakthrough call, where we will lift the fog out of feeling stalemate and get you seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

We believe in getting you the how and so we will share some insights and provide unbiased feedback and strategies that can get you back in the driver’s seat, feel motivated and bridge the gap between results and true fulfilment.

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Your Link to Self Discovery

What natural talents do you have? Why are you motivated to use them? How do you prefer to use them?

Empowering Young Minds to Breakthrough Limitations and Regain their Confidence

The gateway to unlocking the incredible power of your mind and embarking on a journey of self-discovery

The gateway to unlocking the incredible power of your mind and embarking on a journey of self-discovery

Specifically designed for teens and young adults, this empowering experience will provide you with valuable knowledge and skills to navigate life's challenges, boost your confidence, and turn your dreams into reality. Join us on this exhilarating adventure and tap into the limitless potential of your own mind for personal growth and success."

6 Week Course with 1-1 guidance and fully illustrated worksheets

Lesson 1 - Your Conscious and Sub-conscious Mind

Lesson 1 - Your Conscious and Sub-conscious Mind

We delve into the fascinating realm of your conscious and subconscious mind. Discover the key differences between these two powerful aspects of your mental landscape. Uncover how your conscious mind controls your immediate awareness, while your subconscious silently influences your thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. Gain a deeper understanding of how these intertwined forces shape your everyday life, setting the stage for the transformative journey ahead.

Lesson 2: My Mind’s Filing system

Lesson 2: My Mind’s Filing system

We take a closer look at the intricate filing system of your mind. Explore how your brain categorizes and stores information, memories, and emotions. Learn valuable techniques to optimize this mental filing process for enhanced organization, clarity, and decision-making. Understanding this inner mechanism will empower you to harness your mind's potential and gain greater control over your thoughts and actions.

Lesson 3 : Your Perception is your Projection

Lesson 3 : Your Perception is your Projection

we delve into the profound concept that your perception shapes your reality. Explore how the way you see the world around you reflects your inner beliefs and thoughts. Discover the power of perception in influencing your experiences, relationships, and life choices. Gain insights into the connection between your mindset and the world you create. By understanding this principle, you'll be equipped to consciously shape a more positive and fulfilling reality.

Lesson 4: The driving forces behind our actions and decisions

Lesson 4: The driving forces behind our actions and decisions

We explore the six fundamental emotional needs that drive human behavior. Dive into the core aspects of Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love & Connection, Growth, and Contribution. Understand how these needs influence your choices, relationships, and overall well-being. By recognizing and fulfilling these needs in a healthy and balanced way, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your own motivations and how they impact your life.

Lesson 5:  Understanding your belief system

Lesson 5: Understanding your belief system

In this lesson, we'll explore the fascinating world of belief systems, dive into the significance of our beliefs, and specifically focus on limiting beliefs—what they are and how they shape our experiences.

Lesson 6 - Reflection - Your Growth Mindset

Lesson 6 - Reflection - Your Growth Mindset

In this final lesson, we take a moment to reflect on the profound insights gained throughout our journey. Review the key principles of your conscious and subconscious mind, perception, and emotional needs. Embrace the transformation that's taken place within you as you've explored the inner workings of your mind. This lesson serves as an opportunity to consolidate your newfound knowledge and consider how you can apply it to enhance your life, relationships, and personal growth moving forward.



Upon successfully finishing the "It's All About You" course, you'll receive a prestigious Certificate of Completion. This certificate not only recognizes your commitment to self-discovery and personal growth but also signifies your newfound understanding of your incredible mind. Display it proudly as a testament to your journey toward empowerment and transformation.

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