Ask yourself:

  • Are you struggling with anxiety?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the direction you are currently taking in your life
  • Would you like to develop your self-confidence?
  • Are you feeling stressed and struggling to be in happy, loving relationships?
  • Have you been made redundant or is your job at risk?
  • Are you worried about returning to work after time off?
  • Would you like to change or develop your career?
  • Do you need a sounding board, someone who will listen and teach you the tools to make you empowered again?
  • Would you like to back in charge of your life and direction to create more of what you want?
  • Do you want to attract the right partner?
  • Do you feel like you sabotage anything good in your life? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, and you want to do something about it, then we can help you. Please contact Shana for an initial chat. This is a no obligation, confidential FREE 15 minute telephone consultation
The consultation will help you to decide whether you would benefit from the process, and confirm if you would like to work with me. In this time we will look at the areas you feel you need coaching in and suggest ways in which I may be able to help you. During this session you will get a taste of how I work and if I am the right coach for you. This is strictly no obligation.

Take that next step and book an initial session or telephone 07368 628 639